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Sweet tax breaks for diabetics

SARS provides individuals with two types of medical rebates. The first rebate is known as the section 6A rebate which is calculated in terms of your contribution to a medical aid scheme. The second rebate is the section 6B rebate which provides higher rebates to individuals with a qualifying disability.

SARS accepts diabetes as a qualifying disability.

Individuals who have been diagnosed with diabetes may be able to obtain a higher tax rebate in terms of the section 6B rebate. Firstly, the Taxpayer must have a valid ITR-DD. This is a form confirming the disability. It needs to be completed by both the Taxpayer and the relevant medical professional. Secondly, the ITR-DD must be accompanied by other supporting documentation and must be accepted by SARS before the Taxpayer will qualify for the higher s6B rebate. This means up to 33,3% of your qualifying medical expenses will be deductible from your tax.

To find out if you qualify for this disability, contact Annemieke at tax@zuydam.co.za so we can assess the possibility of obtaining the higher medical rebate in your next tax return. For more information about diabetes, visit www.sweetlife.org.za.

Annemieke Gregory, BComm (Law), LLB, Tax Compliance officer @ Zuydam Konsult

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