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Zuydam Konsult is a boutique audit, tax, and advisory firm with its roots in Cape Town, South Africa and successfully established itself in the Dutch business sector 2 years ago. Located in The Hague, the firm has expanded through positive clientele word-of-mouth. Zuydam provides innovative solutions to their clients’ consulting, tax, accounting, and compliance needs. The firm specialises in assisting successful South African companies to follow the sweet smell of ‘stroopwafel’ to the Netherlands.

Zuydam states that the NFIA provided invaluable assistance, support, and advice during its establishment in the Netherlands 2 years ago. The oxygen for any successful business is to build a network of trustworthy relationships and according to Zuydam, “Our consultations with the NFIA greatly assisted us to start on a solid foundation.”

Being uniquely positioned in both South Africa and the Netherlands helped Zuydam to start building a trading bridge between the countries with its clients predominately looking for trade expansion into the EU with the Netherlands as a gateway. Doing business internationally may be seen as complex and daunting – but can also be highly rewarding – the journey to get there is where Zuydam specialises as tour guides.

Tax, as with all business ventures, is important – especially when you are busy expanding and must face various new applicable legislation like transfer pricing, EU-VAT, place of effective management and double tax treaties.

Zuydam’s Director, Annemieke Keizer-Gregory, is based in the Netherlands as an experienced tax expert in Dutch payroll-based taxes, income tax, and cross-border EU VAT, and has a good understanding of transfer pricing. In conjunction thereto, she is also highly qualified and experienced in South African tax.

She has a team of professionals based in South Africa supporting her to provide international-level services with a truly South African flavour.

As a parting note, Zuydam’s CEO, Henk van Zuydam, often says: “This process of establishing in the Netherlands helped me to really start loving my business all over again as we had to dream afresh!”

Zuydam aims to create the same environment for clients.

To learn more about Zuydam’s services contact info@zuydam.co.za

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