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Expert Guidance in Cross-Border Taxation

Zuydam Konsult, originally rooted in Cape Town, has successfully established a significant presence in the Dutch business sector. Strategically located in The Hague, we provide high-quality audit, tax, and advisory services. This location choice reflects our commitment to both local and global business needs, ensuring we deliver reliable expertise and meaningful value to our clients.

Navigating international business terrain
When South African businesses venture into new territories like the Netherlands, they encounter unfamiliar laws and practices. Zuydam Konsult emerges as a vital partner in this journey, offering comprehensive support throughout the investment cycle. This includes assistance in setting up new businesses, structuring acquisitions, balancing debt and equity financing, managing tax accounting, and compliance obligations. Our approach simplifies the complexities of international business expansion.

Tackling international taxation
Taxation plays a crucial role in international business. Zuydam provides expert guidance on navigating complex tax legislation, including transfer pricing, EU-VAT, place of effective management, and double tax treaties. Our expertise can aid businesses amid expansion, facing new and varied tax laws.

Leadership and expertise: Annemieke Keizer-Gregory
At the helm of Zuydam’s operations in the Netherlands is Director Annemieke Keizer-Gregory. As an experienced tax expert, she specialises in Dutch payroll-based taxes, income tax, and cross-border EU VAT, and understands the nuances of transfer pricing. Her expertise is complemented by her knowledge of South African tax laws, making her an invaluable asset for businesses operating in both regions.

A team with South African essence and international standards
Supporting Annemieke is a team of professionals based in South Africa. This team embodies the essence of South African business culture while delivering services that meet international standards. Our combined expertise ensures that clients receive tailored solutions that resonate with their unique business needs.

Connect with Zuydam Konsult
To explore how Zuydam Konsult can assist in your business’s international expansion and tax advisory needs, reach out to us at info@zuydam.co.za. Our team is ready to provide innovative solutions that cater to your specific consulting, tax, accounting, and compliance requirements.

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