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Welcome to the vibrant world of Zuydam Konsult! We are not your average firm. We are innovative, knowledgeable, and passionate about providing comprehensive and industry-specific financial and business advisory services. Our expertise lies in helping small- and medium-sized businesses thrive in the modern world.

We’re not afraid to shake things up with cutting-edge tax strategies, ownership structures, estate planning, auditing, and other game-changing business solutions. Join us and be part of the growth at Zuydam Konsult!

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What We Bring To The Table

At Zuydam Konsult, we believe in empowering young professionals like you to reach new heights. As an accredited training office for SAICA, SAIPA, and SAIT graduates, we offer an extraordinary internship experience filled with excitement, growth, and learning opportunities. When you become part of our team, get ready for:



Zuydam Konsult offers a world of thrilling career opportunities in the following fields:


Chartered Accountant (SA) – CA SA /
Associate General Accountant (SA) – AGA SA
Scope of work:

Accounting (SAIPA)

Professional Accountant (SA)

Scope of work:

Tax Department (SAIT)

Scope of work:

Company Secretarial

Scope of work:
Application criteria:

To be considered, please send a short CV and your academic results to careers@zuydam.co.za

Insights from our Trainee Accountants

My favourite thing about Zuydam Konsult

The contribution of the management team towards making the workplace more than the work entails, but turning it into a home with family members through the monthly social events held at the office. The most valuable thing I learned at Zuydam is to give your all in every single task that you are given, whether big or small. The satisfaction of that is incomparable to the potential reward due.

— Zolani Tyobeka

My favourite thing about Zuydam Konsult

The staff. The people I work with make every day enjoyable. They are always there to help when it’s needed! Zuydam’s staff truly is a family. The most valuable lesson I learned at Zuydam is to never give up. You may fall a few times, but always remember to stand back up and go at it again!

— Qudsiyyah Williams

My favourite thing about Zuydam Konsult

The collaborations that take place within the departments (ie. tax, secretarial, payroll, mining, SAIPA, and SAICA) as well as the immediate reporting structure – being able to go directly to either my manager or the directors should I need assistance or just to chat. The commitment my manager has to me and his willingness to always encourage me to grow as both a person and a professional. The most valuable lesson I learned is that you need to be open with people, be willing to not only learn but also be a good listener, and that it is extremely vital to build and maintain both the trust and communication levels between you and your colleagues.

— Gillian Jane

My favourite thing about Zuydam Konsult

How much Zuydam cares for their clients and how they go above and beyond for every client no matter how small. The most valuable lesson I have learned at Zuydam is how important teamwork and communication are. I’ve always thought that being an accountant is a one-person job, but since working at Zuydam I have learned how with efficient teamwork and open communication, it could prevent errors, confusion or misinformation.

— Kaylee Wilkens
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