What is a Shelf Company?

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What is a Shelf Company?

A shelf company is a company that is already registered but has never traded or conducted business and holds no assets or liabilities. Essentially, the company is registered to sit on a ‘shelf’, waiting for a someone to buy it. They’re ideal if you require a company registration number extremely quickly or if you need to operate asan older company.

Benefits of a Shelf Company

Some small business owners may look at shelf corporations as an opportunity to get ahead. It’s smart for a small business owner that is just starting off to look for ways to help their company, especially when they hit roadblocks in the early stages.

A few of the benefits that small business owners may gain from having a shelf company are:

  • Simplicity: Saves time taking the steps to create a new corporation.
  • Longevity: To show corporate longevity in order to attract consumers or investors.
  • Funding: To gain access to corporate credit or funding. In the early stages of a business, lenders are more hesitant to lend money to a business that is not as established yet, due to the high risk involved.

Are Shelf Companies Legal?

Yes, absolutely. A registered Pty Company and a Shelf Company are exactly the same. Both are Pty’s legally registered at the CIPC with Company Names and documentation and a Company Registration Number.

The term ‘Shelf Company’ simply refers to a Pty Company that’s been registered for the purpose of reselling it.

How much does it cost?

Zuydam’s Shelf company packages sell from R3500 to R9,050.

View our comparison chart below – Zuydam comparison chart

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Comparison Chart PDF

Zuydam comparison chart



The Art of Staying positive

Are you, like all other average business owners in South Africa, currently feeling like you must step up your game and Marvel Superhero just to ensure economic survival? You are not alone.

Measuring yourself against a ‘Superhero’ as the new normal can come at a big price.  These comparisons may lead to feelings of inadequacy in life and in business.  This can also easily spill over in the way you conduct yourself in your business as well as your family life.

The fact is that the SME entrepreneur is actually already a real-life Superhero.  In my opinion you are much more than any of the Marvel Superheroes that you see on the big screen.

My advice to you Mr/Mrs Business Superhero; is to “keep on going against all odds!”.

Positive thinking is cultivated by several other positive elements in your life.  To explain; at a recent sports evening where Rassie Erasmus was the main guest, he said that “winning does not create hope it creates moments of happiness”. I am, however, of the opinion that a series of these moments of happiness will in turn start creating positive thoughts about yourself.  This will change the way in which you perceive new challenges in your business and personal life.

So how do you create these moments of happiness in your business?  It all starts at an ‘end’ funny enough.  It starts at looking at where you would like to end.  What is your business goal and the dream?  Then, you need to start mapping out the achievable steps in getting to your dream.  Even if it is a long term dream you still need to make short term steps.  As you achieve your short-term steps, make sure to take a moment to celebrate your small successes and to tick them off.  This will motivate you to work towards the next small victory.

Life is too short to only cherish the big goals in life. Remember, by being an SME entrepreneur you have already made a Neil-Armstrong-leap-of-faith! You have already ticked a major box! Now it is time to celebrate the small victories on your road to long term success! Here is to all the Marvel Superheroes in business, here is to me and to you!